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Free  Boiler Replacement Scheme

Qualifying Boilers: The Government free boiler replacement scheme is designed to provide free-of-charge upgrades for existing gas boiler heating systems which function below recommended energy-efficiency levels.
To qualify for a free boiler upgrade your existing boiler must be a gas boiler, be more than 5 years old, and rated between C & G (Less than 86% efficient).
If you are unsure whether your boiler meets the replacement criteria visit this link - Boiler Efficiency.

Free Boiler Replacement Scheme

Free Boilers which reduce the cost of domestic heating bills are still available at no cost via the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) – Affordable Warmth free boiler replacement grant scheme.

The free boilers scheme is an environmental program backed by the Government and funded by the UK's major energy providers. It is designed to lower domestic heating bills and reduce Carbon emissions by replacing existing gas boiler heating systems free of charge.

Replacement boilers are fitted and supplied completely free of cost with no payment required if meet the free boiler replacement grant criteria.

Free Boilers
Free boilers being fitted in homes across the UK are being installed as part of a new Government energy-efficiency grant scheme - the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO).

Free boiler replacement -
Government grant funding to replace your boiler for free is still available for low-income households who need help to reduce the cost of heating their homes.

If you meet the criteria you may qualify for a non-repayable boiler grant - Your new boiler is completely free of charge with no hidden payment.

In addition to a free boilers Government grant funding is also still available for other energy-saving products including free loft and cavity wall insulation.

Free Boilers Scheme

The free boiler replacement scheme is funded by the UK's major energy providers including British Gas, Scottish Power & NPower. More information on the free boilers scheme can be found at the following link - FREE BOILERS FAQ's

Free Boiler Qualification

The free boilers scheme is designed to help the vulnerable, such as pensioners and families with young children, meet the cost of heating their homes.

Free boilers replacement for pensioners
Free Boilers for Pensioners

Free boilers for pensioners

Free boilers are still available for Pensioners who receive State Pension Credits & those people who are over 60 years old and receive Working Tax Credits.

But even if you don't qualify for a free ECO boiler replacement you may be able to get a new energy-efficient gas condensing boiler for as little as £20 per month, Also, the energy savings you make by installing your new high-efficiency boiler should cover the monthly payments.

Replacement boiler flexible finance
Replacement boiler flexible finance options are now available from most boiler manufacturers & suppliers.
Boiler Installers throughout the UK are now offering pay monthly gas boiler & heating replacement finance packages.

Replacing your boiler free of charge

The savings you make by reducing your heating bills should cover the cost of your new boiler installation, which means it is effectively installed free of charge.

Boiler flexible finance plans vary depending on your area within the UK. Enter your contact details using the link below and a member of our team will contact you with the latest boiler finance offers from installers in your area.

Replacement boiler flexible finance
Free Boiler Replacement – Savings
Installing a new energy-efficient free boiler will not only save you around £2500 in installation costs, it will mean savings of around £300 per year by reducing the cost of heating / gas bills.

High-efficiency gas boilers can heat your property cheaply whilst home insulation products are designed to keep the heat in your home. Jointly they can mean huge annual savings and a reduction in domestic energy costs.

Free Boiler Quotes
Get a free quote for a new condensing gas boiler. Free boiler quote

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Gas Boiler Efficiency & Performance Ratings
Domestic gas boiler heating systems are graded according to energy performance.

By replacing your boiler you can reduce your energy bills substantially each year and improve your Carbon Footprint - Find out more. Boiler EPC's

Domestic Gas Boiler Energy Efficiency & Performance Ratings

Energy-efficient Boilers
Free gas boiler -
Condensing gas energy-efficient boiler

Boiler and central heating performance contributes to the overall energy performance of your property and is included in any Energy Performance Report (EPC).

Boiler Efficiency Ratings
Boiler efficiency performance is measured as a percentage although the European Grading method (A-G according to energy usage performance) is also often included for consistency.

Replacement boilers installed via the free boiler scheme are A rated high-efficiency condensing boilers.

Combi Boilers
Combination gas boilers, more commonly known as Combi Boilers are the most popular type of domestic gas boiler heating system in the UK.

The term "Combi boiler" is short for combination, which is used because of the way the domestic gas boiler / water heating system is designed.

More on getting a free or replacement combi boiler.

Combi boilers are one type of condensing gas boiler. Condensing boilers are widely accepted to be the most energy-efficient. They use less energy to heat your water and your home which means huge annual savings and also reduces harmful Carbon emissions. BOILER EFFICIENCY

1/4M Free boilers Installed

Over 1/4 Million free boilers have been installed since ECO boiler replacement scheme was introduced in 2013.
The latest figures relating to free boilers and free home insulation measures (released by DECC, Aug 2014) can be viewed here.
1/4 million Free Boilers Installed Under ECO
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"I had a free boiler installed via the Government boiler scheme and would advise anyone to take advantage of the offer. I noticed substantial savings on my gas bills immediately" -
Linda G, Scotland.

Free Boilers – Apply Now
Free Boilers are available throughout England, Scotland & Wales. To apply for a replacement boiler grant submit your details via our Free Boiler Application.

We will pass your details on to a recommended local boiler installer.

The approved local boiler installer will arrange a quick survey and check if your boiler meets the criteria for a grant. He will have a look to see how old your boiler is its energy-efficiency rating.

The boiler surveyor will ask you to fill in a free boiler grant application form. Your new boiler is installed free of charge and includes a manufacturer's warranty etc.

Your boiler will be one from of the well known boiler manufacturers - Vaillant, Baxi, Ideal or Worcester Bosch etc.

All Free Boilers are fitted by registered Gas Safe Heating / Boiler Installers.
Free Boiler Application Form
Free boilers and boiler flexible finance plans are available throughout the UK

Free boiler application have helped thousands of people in the UK reap the economic and environmental benefits of upgrading to a new condensing gas boiler.

The cost of a new boiler installation can be expensive but the good news is that people who may less able to pay for a new central heating system are able to meet the cost with a Government heating grant or one of the many boiler replacement flexible finance plans currently on offer from the utility companies and the UK gas boiler manufacturers.

Free Boiler Grant Scheme Extended
The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) has now been extended until March 2017. ECO is the Government grant scheme which provides funding for free boilers and home insulation measures in the UK. Find out more - ECO Boiler Grants
Latest News
Free Boiler Update
Free boilers have improved the energy-efficiency levels of thousands of homes across the UK. Information on the number of free boilers installed in 2013 can be found here - Free boiler update
Reduce bills & help the environment
The Government-led energy-efficiency improvement schemes active in the UK are part of an international drive to improve our Carbon footprint.

By installing a high-efficiency gas boiler / central heating system & home insulation you will be doing your bit to help reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions into the environment. Its Simple - the less time you spend boiling your water the less emissions you create, and the less damage is caused to our environment. You will also make savings by lowering the cost of domestic heating & hot water.

Free boilers and insulation are still available in England, Scotland & Wales.