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Free boiler grant scheme

Free boilers are available in 2016 via the UK Government’s ECO boiler grant scheme. The ECO free boiler scheme has been set up to help low-income families, pensioners & those on benefits reduce the cost of energy bills.

The high-efficiency A-rated condensing gas boilers, which also reduce Carbon Dioxide emissions and help your carbon footprint, are supplied and fitted free of charge if you meet the income / benefit related criteria.  Boiler grants are allocated on a no-payment required basis if you qualify.

Why are boilers free?

Free boiler grants are subsidised by the UK’s largest utility companies (British Gas, NPower, EDF etc). ECO runs alongside the Green Deal home energy loan scheme. Green Deal provides low-interest loans for home energy saving products like boilers & home insulation for homeowners and private tenants throughout the UK.

The ECO grant scheme provides the measures on a free basis for those who can’t afford to pay the money back. 

Free Boilers – Benefits

High-efficiency gas boilers save energy in the home by functioning more effectively. Since their introduction around twenty years ago condensing gas boilers have been the most energy efficient boilers around. They offer far greater levels of energy efficiency than traditional boilers. This can mean substantial reductions on domestic heating bills.
Government grant funding for new energy efficient boilers is available for those on benefits, on low income or who live in fuel poverty areas.

Free Boiler Grant qualification

If you meet the grant criteria and your existing gas boiler is not of the condensing boiler type – you can have a new, ECO friendly and energy efficient boiler installed for free. (If you qualify boilers are supplied and installed absolutely free of charge with no payment required).

I qualify for a free boiler – what next?

To begin the process for your your free boiler grant application send us your details.
We will contact you within a short period and arrange a home visit by a qualified domestic energy assessor.

Boiler performance & efficiency

The energy efficiency rating system for gas boilers is called SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK). Boilers are assessed on performance and given a rating to help you pick a boiler that is energy-efficient, or see how efficient your existing boiler is.
All boilers made after 2010 are energy efficient – legislation dictates that all new boilers must be A-rated for energy efficiency, which means they function at at least 90% efficiency when heating the water in your home. SEDBUCK Boiler Ratings.

Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers are designed to heat water with high efficiency. This is achieved by using the waste heat to preheat the cold water as it enters the boiler. Condensing boilers may be fueled by gas or oil and are called condensing boilers because the steam produced during combustion is condensed into water, which leaves the system via drainage.

Examples of a Condensing gas boiler

Vaillant Ecotec 612 Condensing Gas Boilerbaxi-solo-2he-condensing-boileralpha-intech-condensing-boilervaliant-ecotec-418-condensing-boilerideal-logic-condensing-boiler

What type of boiler will you get?

All boilers installed via the Government ECO Scheme are energy-efficient gas condensing boilers so at present you must have an existing gas boiler to benefit from a free boiler energy grant.

Applying For A Free Boiler

Applying for a new free boiler or a Government home energy grant is a simple process- submit a few contact details and an authorized Domestic Energy Assessor will contact you within a short period to arrange a visit to your home and give your boiler a quick check, then arrange a date for installation.
Applying for a replacement boiler is easy and hassle free.

  • Submit your details via our Free boiler application form – we’ll ring you back soon, arrange a quick survey and come and install your new boiler. Usually this will only take two or three weeks
  • Someone will ring you and arrange a boiler survey with an energy assessor
  • The Domestic Energy Assessor will check your boiler and estimate what needs done during the installation etc. He will then pass the survey on to a recommended and accredited gas boiler installer in your area. The Government have vetted hundreds of Gas Engineers and boiler installation companies across the UK
  • Your free boiler will be installed saving you a fortune on gas bills
Free boiler application process

Free boiler application process

Free Boiler Application Process

Applying for a free boiler is a straightforward no hassle process and consists of the following stages

Free Boiler Application Form

Leave your contact details via our Free boilers application form

Call Back

An approved and certified domestic energy assessor in your area will contact you within a day or two to arrange a free boiler survey at your home.

Boiler assessment

The energy assessor will check your boiler and assess its energy performance. This will only take a short time. He will also ask you to provide verification of your address. This will be via your mortgage statement or your tenancy lease.

Free Boiler Installation

The assessor will arrange a date for your free boiler to be installed.

Free boiler grants for landlords & tenants

Landlords can take advantage of free boiler grants to replace boilers in unlimited properties. Providing the existing boiler & property meets the correct grant criteria, and a tenant claims the correct combination of benefits or tax credits.

More information about free boilers for landlords and tenants can be found here –Free boiler scheme for landlords & tenants.

About the free boilers scheme

The free boilers installed via the Government Boiler Grant Scheme are energy efficient gas condensing boilers so at present you must have an existing gas boiler to benefit from an energy grant.


Free Boilers

Free boilers scheme

The free boiler replacement grant scheme is part of the Government-backed Energy Company Obligation (ECO – Affordable Warmth component). ECO is funded by the UK’s major utility providers and is regulated by OFGEM.
More information relating to OFGEM and the ECO boiler scheme can be found here – OFGEM ECO Free Boilers Scheme
All boiler surveys are carried out by recommended and certified Domestic Energy Assessors.
All replacement boilers installed via the scheme are fitted by recommended Gas Safe registered boiler installers.

Gas Safe Boiler Registered installers

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