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Gas Condensing Boilers

The gas boilers which are available via the UK Government’s Free Boiler Grant Scheme are high efficiency gas condensing boilers.

Condensing boilers are more energy efficient than conventional gas boilers. This is because they are designed to heat water more efficiently, therefore  they use less energy, which means that less harmful Carbon Dioxide emissions are released into the environment, and also that your gas bills are reduced. Condensing Boilers

Conventional central heating boilers work by heating water via a heat exchanger - fuel, or gas, is burned and the heat passes through a compartment where a percentage heat is transferred to cold water. This hot water is used to heat your radiators or for your hot water taps.  The remainder of the heat escapes from the boiler.

A condensing gas boiler uses fuel and heat in a different way. Unlike a conventional boiler condensing boilers use some of the heat which escapes out the flue to preheat the cold water which enters the boiler, meaning that the water is already at a higher temperature before the boiler heats it further to your desired temperature.

Condensing Boiler - Energy Efficiency


Reliability & Servicing of Condensing Boilers

There has previously been debate over the reliability and effectiveness of condensing boilers and if they are more energy-efficient than conventional gas boilers. A study by the Building Research Establishment (BRE), the UK’s building industry research authority removed any doubts when it concluded

  1. Condensing boilers are  just as reliable as standard boilers
  2. Condensing boilers are no more difficult to service, nor do they require more frequent servicing
  3. Servicing is not expensive; the only (minor) additional task is to check the correct function of the condensate drain
  4. Condensing boilers are not difficult to install
  5. Condensing boilers are always more efficient than standard boilers, under all operating conditions

The results of the research was published by BRE and the Energy Saving Trust. The document can be downloaded here.

Condensing Boilers - The Benefits and the Myths’ (CE52/GIL74)
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