Combi Boilers

Gas Combi boiler or Combination boiler  domestic hot water heating systems are the most common type of central heating boilers in the UK. The term “Combi boiler” is short for combination boiler, which is used because of the way the boiler & hot water heating system is designed.

Combi Boiler Design

A combi gas heating system does not store hot water in a storage tank or canister like conventional gas water heaters. They are designed to provide instant hot water for both your taps and radiators /central heating system. A combi boiler heats water straight from the cold water mains. The cold water is fed into the boiler which contains a sensor, burner and heat exchanger, which detect and heat your water to the desired temperature. They are compact, fit in a small storage space including cupboards and are highly efficient, which makes them the most popular domestic water heater and central heating system with UK home owners.

Combi Boiler System Design


Combi Boiler Prices

How much does a combi boiler cost to install? There are many different brands and styles of combi boiler. Like any other product there is also a huge difference in price between the upper and lower end of the price range. The Energy Savings Trust advise that the average cost of installing a combi system should be around £2300 inclusive of the boiler price and the cost of installation.   Combi Boiler Brands / Manufacturers

Worcester Bosch 29cdi classic combi boiler

Worcester Combi Boiler Greenstar



Boiler Efficiency  - 90.2% The Greenstar 42CDi Classic is 90.2% efficient (A Rated -  the highest possible official efficiency category, SAP SEDBUK 2005 seasonal efficiency rating.)  

Central heating output: 30kW. Domestic hot water flow rate: 17.2 litres per minute at 35 degree temperature rise. Designed operational flow rate: 15 litres per minutes at 40 degree temperature rise. Available via Green Deal Boiler Finance YES  Apply For a free boiler

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