ECO Boiler Grants

ECO is a UK energy efficiency scheme which provides access to Government funding for new boiler grants & other home energy saving products

The scheme is designed for people who live in private accommodation. This includes homeowners, landlords and private tenants.

Local authority landlords will already have plans in place to improve the energy efficiency of their housing stock.

Help To Heat Your Home

ECO2t Help To Heat is the latest Government boiler and insulation grant funding initiative. It runs from 1st April  2017 - 30th September  2018.

ECO boiler grants are funded by the UK’s major energy suppliers who are expected to allocate different levels of funding depending on their market share.

A free boiler can be claimed from any of the main suppliers as long as

  • you meet the income-related criteria
  • your current boiler is broken or inefficient

You do not have to claim via your own energy provider.

ECO Help To Heat Grants

Help To Heat obligates suppliers to install free replacement boilers (gas, oil or LPG), electric storage heaters and also home insulation products. The grant scheme is for people who claim certain benefits and who also live in privately owned or rented accommodation.

This replaces the Affordable Warmth component of ECO which ended on March 31st 2017 and the eligibility criteria is slightly different.

Who qualifies for a free boiler grant?

Under the new ECO2 Help To Heat grant scheme the eligibility criteria is as follows.

ECO boiler grants can be awarded if one of the occupants of the property claims any of the following benefits -

  • Pension Guarantee Credit
  • Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
  • Income Support

There are now no supplementary requirements for any of the above

Tax Credits and Universal Credits

If you don’t get any of the above but you receive Tax Credits or Universal Credits you may still qualify for a boiler grant. The table below outlines the benefit and income threshold for each.

HouseholdTax Credits
Gross income 
Universal Credit
Monthly Income
1 adult   £13,200   £1,100
1 child£17,400£1,450
2 children£21,600£1,800
3 children£25,800£2,150
4+ children£30,000£2,500
2 adults   £19,800   £1,650
1 child£24,000£2,000
2 children£28,200£2,350
3 children£32,400£2,700
4+ children£36,600£3,050

The amount of free boilers installed during the ECO Help To Heat timetable is to be capped at 37000. Boiler grants will be allocated on a first come = first served basis therefore it is advisable to apply quickly.

In addition, to qualify for an ECO grant your boiler must be broken or inefficient (this would normally mean an efficiency rating between D and E).

Are boiler grants completely free?

If you are eligible for a boiler grant the installation of your new boiler will usually be fitted free of charge.

However, if there is any extra work to be done you may have to make a small contribution.

You will be informed at the point of survey whether you qualify for a free boiler or a subsidised boiler grant.

Find out if you qualify for an ECO boiler grant.

Why have grants been introduced?

Government grants for free boilers were introduced to enable people on low-incomes to install energy saving improvements in their homes.

If your existing boiler is old or broken it will not be functioning at maximum efficiency. This means it costs more to heat your home & hot water. You will be spending more money on heating than necessary.

ECO boiler grants mean lower energy bills

All new gas boilers fitted in the UK have an “A” rating. This means that they function at 90% efficiency which is a lot higher than many old boilers.

Using less energy to power your boiler & central heating means you save money by reducing your fuel bills. You will also help the environment by cutting down the carbon emissions released by your boiler.

A rise in energy costs has seen many homes struggle to pay high gas / heating bills. Pensioners, those on benefits & families with young children can find it particularly difficult to cope with the rising cost of gas & electricity.

The Government have now demanded that the energy companies help reduce the cost of heating homes across the UK by providing financial assistance to pay for free boiler upgrades. Free home insulation products are also available via the ECO scheme.

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The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is an home energy improvement scheme which is led by the UK Government and funded by the country’s largest energy providers.

ECO provides homeowners, landlords and private tenants with access to Government grant funding for free boiler replacements to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

You can claim a full and partial grant for a new boiler or insulation if you meet the ECO grant criteria.

How can we help you?

We have helped thousands of households with free boiler grant applications.

Many people find applying for a grant a daunting experience. So we have simplified the process to make it easier for you.

You can check online in two minutes to see if you are eligible for a new boiler or insulation - without entering any personal details.

You will only be asked for any further information if you want to apply for a grant.

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