Energy Performance Certificate - EPC

Domestic Boiler Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s)

All domestic gas boilers / hot water heating systems come with an Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC as they are more commonly known. An EPC is a certificate which outlines the energy performance and operational efficiency of your of your gas boiler. A gas boiler’s efficiency is determined by evaluating a variety of characteristics and statistics pertaining to each individual boiler. More detailed information on individual boiler efficiency ratings can be found here - Domestic Heating Boiler Ratings. Characteristics and factors which govern the rating of a domestic boiler include: -

  • Boiler Type (Combi boiler, Condensing boiler etc)
  • Fuel type
  • Burner type
  • Flu
  • Seasonal efficiency
  • Boiler Position

Boiler Ratings

Gas boilers are graded on an A - E basis with  A rating being the highest. All domestic hot water boilers currently installed in the UK must be A Rated, they must have a rating of at least 90% efficiency. Any replacement boiler installed via the Government boiler scheme will be an A-Rated boiler. A rated boilers reduce energy bills because they use less power / energy to heat your heating / hot water.

They help the Carbon Footprint of the country because they lower the level of Carbon Dioxide released into the environment. You can apply for a replacement energy-efficient boiler here - Free replacement boiler.