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Free boilers for gas central heating systems can be claimed via the UK Government ECO grant scheme. Boiler grants are available throughout the United Kingdom for low-income households who meet the income / benefit related criteria.

Who qualifies for a free boiler?

To apply for a free boiler grant you must be a home owner or private tenant. Landlords can apply for free boilers for unlimited properties providing their tenants meet the benefit criteria.

Grant application

Our online boiler grant application process only takes a few minutes. You will be asked a few questions about your existing boiler and any benefits or tax credits you receive.

If you qualify for a new boiler we will pass your details on to a verified local boiler / heating engineer who can arrange grand funding via the ECO boiler scheme. The heating company will arrange a home visit with an energy assessor.

The assessor will check to see how old your boiler is and assess its energy-efficiency rating. The energy assessor will also check your eligibility for a grant..

Your new boiler will then be installed free of charge by a certified local heating / gas engineer and will include a manufacturer’s warranty etc.

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