Free Boiler Update

Free boiler statistics 2013

Free Boiler Update

Free boiler upgrades and insulation have helped thousands of  home owners and tenants in the UK make vast improvements to their properties with regards to energy efficiency levels.

Government backed ECO free boiler and home insulation grants have also meant huge reductions in domestic fuel bills for those who have taken advantage of the energy-saving scheme.

The Energy Companies Obligation is funded by the six largest power companies in the UK and is designed to lower Carbon Dioxide Emission levels whilst helping those with low incomes meet the spiraling cost of gas bills.

Energy efficiency improving measures such as free boilers, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation help reduce energy costs. A high performance condensing gas boiler uses less energy to heat the average home, whilst wall and loft insulation help stop heat escaping. This means that because your central heating system is operating more efficiently, emissions are reduced which in turn means an improvement in the countries Carbon Footprint. Jointly a free boiler and insulation can slash fuel costs by around £700 - £1000 per annum per household.

Free Boiler & Insulation Measures

Free boiler and insulation installation - 2013

Free boiler and insulation measures installed under ECO (figures taken at October 31 2013)

The chart above shows the total figures of free boilers and various home insulation products installed via the Energy Companies Obligation until October 2013. The majority of the 379,297 measures installed under ECO were for cavity wall insulation (33 per cent), free boilers  (29 per cent) and loft insulation (29 per cent). Overall, 327,719 properties benefitted from one or more ECO
measures being installed up to the end of October 2013. The total amount of free boiler installations was approximately 119000.

Figures taken from Free Boiler Installation figures

Free Boiler

Free boiler replacement grants 2014

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