Free gas boilers for the elderly

Free Boiler Scheme

Many pensioners and elderly people can still get a free boiler via the Government replacement gas boiler scheme.

Although the free boiler scheme does not provide gas boiler replacements free of charge for all people who are over 70 (as did the old free insulation scheme), many elderly people and pensioners can still qualify for a free boiler replacement.

Elderly People who claim Pension Credit can claim for a free boiler via the ECO free boiler scheme

Over 60’s on Working Tax Credits - If you are over 60 years of age and in receipt of Working Tax Credits you can also claim for a free boiler.

The free boiler scheme is subject to qualification and is for home owners and private tenants in England, Scotland & Wales who’s existing gas central heating boiler is not the condensing gas type of boiler or who’s boiler is broken.
Free Boilers


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Worcester Bosch Combi Boiler - Pay Monthly - Free Boilers

Worcester Bosch 29cdi classic combi boiler

Worcester Combi Boiler Greenstar

Boiler Efficiency  - 90.2%

The Greenstar 42CDi Classic is 90.2% efficient (A Rated -  the highest possible official efficiency category, SAP SEDBUK 2005 seasonal efficiency rating.)  

Available via Green Deal Boiler Finance YES

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Pay Monthly Boilers - Green Deal

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Free boiler 2014

Free boiler 2014

Free boiler

Free boiler grant scheme 2014

Government grant funding for free boilers is available for 1000’s of home owners and tenants in the UK.

The free boiler upgrade grants are part of the Affordable Warmth ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) grants scheme. The domestic energy efficiency improvement program is designed to lower harmful Carbon Dioxide emissions which are at high levels in the UK.

The Carbon footprint of the country can be greatly reduced by installing energy saving measures in the home.

  • Replacing your conventional gas boiler with a high efficiency Condensing gas boiler
  • Installing or topping up your loft insulation to the recommended level (270mm)
  • Ensuring your cavity walls are insulated

Many existing boilers poor in terms of energy efficiency. This means they use excess energy to power your  central heating ystem or heat your water. By installing an energy efficient boiler you will use less energy and save on domestic fuel bills whilst helpimg the environment.

Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation help keep heat in the home and also mean savings on domestic energy bills.

The free boilers are being installed at absolutely no cost, saving around £2500 on installation alone.

Loft insulation and cavity wall insulation would cost around £500 to install. Together the energy improving measures could also save you around £800 per year, based on the average home in the UK.

Free boilers, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation are available across England, Scotland and Wales.


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Free Boiler Update

Free boiler statistics 2013

Free Boiler Update

Free boiler upgrades and insulation have helped thousands of  home owners and tenants in the UK make vast improvements to their properties with regards to energy efficiency levels.

Government backed ECO free boiler and home insulation grants have also meant huge reductions in domestic fuel bills for those who have taken advantage of the energy-saving scheme.

The Energy Companies Obligation is funded by the six largest power companies in the UK and is designed to lower Carbon Dioxide Emission levels whilst helping those with low incomes meet the spiraling cost of gas bills.

Energy efficiency improving measures such as free boilers, loft insulation and cavity wall insulation help reduce energy costs. A high performance condensing gas boiler uses less energy to heat the average home, whilst wall and loft insulation help stop heat escaping. This means that because your central heating system is operating more efficiently, emissions are reduced which in turn means an improvement in the countries Carbon Footprint. Jointly a free boiler and insulation can slash fuel costs by around £700 - £1000 per annum per household.

Free Boiler & Insulation Measures

Free boiler and insulation installation - 2013

Free boiler and insulation measures installed under ECO (figures taken at October 31 2013)

The chart above shows the total figures of free boilers and various home insulation products installed via the Energy Companies Obligation until October 2013. The majority of the 379,297 measures installed under ECO were for cavity wall insulation (33 per cent), free boilers  (29 per cent) and loft insulation (29 per cent). Overall, 327,719 properties benefitted from one or more ECO
measures being installed up to the end of October 2013. The total amount of free boiler installations was approximately 119000.

Figures taken from Free Boiler Installation figures

Free Boiler

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Free Boilers 2014

Free Boilers in the UK

New Government Free Boiler Grant Scheme In The UK

A new free boiler scheme which provides Government energy grants  for free boilers is under way in the UK.

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO Affordable Warmth component) is designed to address the rising cost of domestic fuel bills for low income families and areas in the UK which are designated as “Fuel Poverty” Areas.

The Government-backed  free boilers scheme, which is funded by the six major UK utility companies, provides hundreds of millions of pounds worth of grant funding to replace outdated gas boilers. In addition those who qualify can again take advantage of free cavity wall insulation and free loft insulation.

Who qualifies for free boiler replacement?

To qualify for the new free boiler reaplacement grants you must meet the criteria here - Free Boilers - FAQ’s

Are the boilers really free?

The boilers fitted via the Government free boiler grant scheme are supplied and installed completely free of charge. If you qualify for a grant you pay nothing towards the installation of the new boiler.

What type of boiler will I get?

The boiler grants scheme provides Grade A energy efficient gas boilers that come supplied and fitted. It is estimated that a new gas central heating boiler can reduce domestic energy bills by £500 per year. If installed along with free loft insulation and cavity wall insulation it normally means an average saving of around £800 - £1000 per year.

Installing these new energy efficient products not only helps reduce fuel poverty but helps reduce harmful CO2 emissions, which is the overall aim of the scheme.

More info on boilers can be found here - Free Boilers in the UK



Free boiler scheme is funded by UK Energy Companies

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Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boilers

Ideal Boilers are one of the most popular domestic gas boiler companies in the United Kingdom. A major player in the domestic heating industry and a benchmark for reliability, Ideal manufacture a range of combi boilers and condensing boilers for domestic central heating systems.

Find out more about getting a free boiler installed.

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Free Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant is one of the world’s leading brands and pioneers of the boiler & domestic heating industry. A family owned company for 135 years Vaillant are Europe’s 2nd largest boiler manufacturer, producing quality boiler & domestic heating solutions in a range of countries all over the world.

Find out more about getting a free boiler.

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New Free Boiler Scheme

New Boiler Scheme

 ECO free boiler scheme extended till 2017

Free gas boiler replacement will now be available until 2017 via the Government-backed boiler scheme.

The ECO (Energy Companies Obligation) boiler grant scheme provides free domestic condensing gas boilers for home owners, private tenants and landlords in England, Scotland & Wales providing they meet the boiler grant criteria.

If your existing central heating boiler is not of the condensing boiler type and / or is currently broken, you may qualify for a no-cost replacement boiler. The free boilers supplied and fitted via the ECO scheme are energy-efficient and help lower the cost of heating your home. Condensing gas boilers also help lower your Carbon Footprint by reducing harmful Carbon Dioxide emissions.

All boilers fitted via the ECO scheme are fitted by verified Gas Safe heating engineers. Find out more about qualifying for a free boiler.


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Free boiler replacement in Birmingham

Free energy-efficient gas boilers for domestic central heating systems are available in the Birmingham area via the Government-backed Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) energy grant scheme.


ECO is designed to help home owners & private tenants meet the cost of high energy bills. The free boiler scheme also contributes to the reduction of Carbon Dioxide levels in the environment because homes are heated more efficiently with high performance gas condensing boilers.

More information on the free boiler scheme can be found here - Free boiler Birmingham

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In addition you may save up to £2500 via a free boiler survey and installation, both of which normally come free-of-charge along with boiler replacement qualification.

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