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Electric storage heater grants in Scotland

Government grants for electric storage heaters are now available in Scotland.  The free storage heaters can be claimed via the Energy Company Obligation. The ECO Affordable Warmth scheme is designed to help vulnerable households improve their energy efficiency and lower their carbon footprint.

Modern storage heaters are up to 30% more efficient so you will notice a huge reduction on your electric bill.

Electric storage heater

Scotland has a higher proportion of properties which are not connected to the mains gas supply. Therefore many households in remote areas are forced to use an alternative means of heating their home. This includes electric storage heating, LPG Boilers and oil heating.

Until recently government grants were only available for gas boilers. This put families who live in specific areas of Scotland rely on non-gas heating at a disadvantage. However, recent changes to Affordable Warmth eligibility means that replacement storage heater grants can be accessed through the ECO scheme.

Do I qualify for free storage heaters?

Grants are available to pay for the cost of installing new storage heaters. The new units will be around 30% more efficient. The replacement scheme applies to to domestic properties in Scotland. You must be a homeowner or private tenant. Local housing authorities have their own efficiency targets to meet and will eventually replace storage heating in their properties.

To claim for an ECO heating grant someone who resides in the property must meet the following income-related criteria -

Qualifying Heaters

  • Storage heater must be more than 10 years old
  • At least one must be broken or not functioning efficiently

Eligible benefits for the ECO scheme

  • Income Support
  • ESA – Income Related
  • JSA – Income Based
  • Pension Credit -Income Based
  • Tax Credits*
  • Universal Credits*

*If you claim tax credits or universal credits your income must be below a certain amount. The full eligibility criteria can be found here - ECO grants.

What are storage heaters?

Storage heaters are an electric heating system that store energy by heating up ceramic bricks during the night when electricity tariffs are at a lower rate. The heat is then used to heat the rooms in your home in the same way as a radiator.

Electricity is more expensive than gas so an electric storage heater system is probably the most expensive method of heating your home in Scotland. Although modern heaters are around 30% more efficient.

Areas in Scotland that use storage heaters

Scotland has a higher percentage of houses than the rest of Great Britain that use electric storage heaters as an alternative to gas. This is particularly true in off-gas urban areas where over 90% of Scottish properties use electricity to heat their homes. The figure in England is slightly lower and significantly lower in Wales.

Storage heaters in urban  Scotland and GB

In rural areas there is a different demographic. Other heating types in use rise significantly with oil being the prefered choice. Although there is still a higher percentage use electric storage as a main heating type than in the rest of the country.

Apply for free storage heaters in Scotland?

Applying for a grant to replace your storage heaters it is a straightforward no hassle process. If you think you may be eligible follow the simple steps below and you could benefit from a 30% reduction in your heating bills within 2-3 weeks.

  1. Follow the link below to see if you qualify. It will only take a couple of minutes and you will not be asked for any personal information until you qualify. You will have to answer a few simple questions relating to your property type and existing heating.
  2. If you are eligible for the ECO scheme we will put you in tough with an approved local installer who will arrange a convenient time to visit you and quickly check your existing storage heaters and verify that you qualify for a 100% free grant.
  3. The assessor will arrange a date for a pre-installation technical survey with you then the approved Scottish company will install your new storage heaters. It’s that simple.

If you qualify you will have free storage heaters installed. There are no hidden costs or conditions. The offer is only for replacement heaters. New heating systems or electric fires are not installed as part of the ECO scheme.


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