Free Oil Boiler

Get a free oil boiler through the Government ECO scheme

If you heat your home with oil you can now get a free oil boiler via the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grant scheme. ECO is designed to help rural homeowners and private tenants on a low income replace their old oil boilers.

Free Oil Boiler

If you claim specific benefits or tax credits you may be eligible to get your oil boiler replaced free of charge. In addition to the money you will save by getting a new one fitted for free. A new efficient oil boiler will mean a substantial reduction in heating costs and lower carbon emissions.

Free oil boilers are now being installed as part of ECO

In recent years it was only gas boilers that qualified for Government grants. However changes to the ECO scheme have demanded that installers to now focus on vulnerable households who are not connected to a mains gas supply.

ECO decision makers agreed that too much funding was being concentrated on providing replacement gas boilers. This gave families who live in urban areas an unfair edge over more rural areas. A high proportion of rural properties have LPG or oil boilers as their main heating.

Am I eligible for a free oil boiler grant?

The ECO grant scheme is aimed at for lower income homeowners and private tenants in England, Scotland and Wales. You must claim certain benefits to qualify. Local authorities in the UK have their own carbon reduction targets. Subsequently they are not included in the free boiler scheme.

To get a government grant your existing LPG boiler must have a low efficiency rating (between C and G) and be over 5 years old. Furthermore someone who lives in your home must either claim one of a specific set of benefits, or be on a low income –

  • Income Support
  • ESA – Income Related
  • Income Based JSA
  • Pension Credits -Income Based
  • Tax Credits*
  • Universal Credits*

*If you claim tax credits or universal credits your earnings must be below a certain amount. The full eligibility criteria can be found here - eco grants.

How much will I save?

Modern oil boilers have came on a long way and are now considered to be equally energy efficient to gas boilers. All boilers installed in the UK must be condensing boilers.

This type of boiler is more efficient due to their design. They preheat water before it enters the the burner on route to your taps and radiators. If you replace a boiler which is 65% efficient with a new one which is 90% efficient you will save approximately 25% on your annual heating costs.

By converting to a new type of oil boiler heating system you will also be making a substantial contribution to the environment.

How to apply for an Oil boiler grant

If you want to apply for a free oil boiler it is an easy no hassle process. We will put you in touch with an approved local installer who will guide you through the whole process and tell you anything you want to know.

The company will arrange for an assessor to carry out a free survey of your existing heating system. This will include checking your LPG boiler and verifying it meets the requirement to be replaced.

If you qualify for an ECO grant he will help you fill in the paperwork. You can then arrange a a convenient date for a technical survey before installation.

The whole process can be completed in around 3 weeks. We provide this as a free service and we do not share any information with any third party outwith the approved company who will install your free oil boiler.

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The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) is an home energy improvement scheme which is led by the UK Government and funded by the country’s largest energy providers.

ECO provides homeowners, landlords and private tenants with access to Government grant funding for free boiler replacements to improve the energy efficiency of their homes.

You can claim a full and partial grant for a new boiler or insulation if you meet the ECO grant criteria.

How can we help you?

We have helped thousands of households with free boiler grant applications.

Many people find applying for a grant a daunting experience. So we have simplified the process to make it easier for you.

You can check online in two minutes to see if you are eligible for a new boiler or insulation - without entering any personal details.

You will only be asked for any further information if you want to apply for a grant.

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