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Boiler replacement Government Heating Grants in Scotland

Free energy-saving gas boilers are now available throughout Scotland and the UK.  

The Boiler replacement Grants are available through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) - home energy improvement grant scheme. The energy efficiency grant scheme was developed to address fuel poverty in several areas of Scotland and the UK. 

The boiler upgrade scheme is backed by the major energy companies and both the Governments of Scotland and the UK. UK Government ECO & Green Deal Info.

In Scotland boiler replacement grants are available for those on benefits, on low income or who live in fuel poverty areas. If you meet the boiler grant qualification criteria for low income households and your existing gas boiler is not of the condensing boiler type - you can have a new,  ECO friendly A-Grade gas boiler installed for free, saving hundreds each year on domestic energy bills. New Boilers can be supplied & installed in a matter of a few weeks, by approved gas installers. 

Free Boilers - The Benefits

Replacing your old gas boiler is one of the main ways to cut down energy usage in the home.

Up to 80% of your gas bill is spent on powering your boiler and central heating system. If your boiler is old there is a chance that you are wasting a huge chunk of your money.

The new boiler replacement grant scheme has been put in place to address energy wastage, which affects the environment, in turn causing unnecessarily high domestic energy bills. In Scotland free boilers installed through the Scottish and UK Government grant scheme are gas condensing boilers.

Condensing boilers are modern, energy efficient boilers designed to heat water with high efficiency.
This is achieved by using the waste heat to preheat the cold water as it enters the boiler. Condensing boilers may be fueled by gas or oil and are called condensing boilers because the steam produced during combustion is condensed into water, which leaves the system via a drain.

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FOR INFO: In Scotland and the UK as a whole the energy efficiency levels of gas boilers are measured using the SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK) energy efficiency scale. More information on SEBUK boiler rating can be found at

Free Boilers Scotland are committed to addressing Energy Wastage and fuel poverty in Scotland