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Free Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant Boilers Vaillant is one of the world’s leading brands and pioneers of the boiler & domestic heating industry. A family owned company for 135 years Vaillant are Europe’s 2nd largest boiler manufacturer, producing quality boiler & domestic heating solutions

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Broken Boilers

Replacing a broken gas boiler If your hot water boiler is broken or your central heating system is not functioning properly it can cause major upheaval in your home. To avoid problems with your boiler you should have a boiler

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Why Free Boilers?
The free boiler scheme means that you can heat your home for less cost because a new high-efficiency boiler functions more efficiently, using less energy to power your heating system and heat your water.

It is estimated that savings of up to £450 per year are possible if you replace your older conventional gas boiler with a new condensing boiler.
In addition you may save up to £2500 via a free boiler survey and installation, both of which normally come free-of-charge along with boiler replacement qualification.

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Free Solar Water Heating Quotes
Use solar panels to heat the water for your home cheaply. Solar thermal energy can be used to heat your hot water cheaply with a gas boiler as back up. Find out more. Solar Water Heating
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